Peculiar: Available on Christian Cinema

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All 10 episodes of Peculiar are available via TVOD on Christian Cinema. Episodes are available for $0.99 each, or get all 10 for $7.99.

I’ve written about the changing landscape of SVOD and indie film, and gone through some of my reasons for moving Peculiar away from Amazon and Youtube at my personal blog.

There aren’t a lot of comedies on Christian Cinema. Virtually no TV sitcoms. My show is both low budget and different in content. So it may not fit. Or it may be well received. Time will tell.

[EDIT: Christian Cinema has added a lot of kids content under the Comedy genre, lots of movies that are not specifically religious but are family friendly. So you have to scroll a bit to find Peculiar. Or just follow this LINK. ]

If you liked the show, drop a review on the site.

Where to Watch?

Peculiar is a Christian sitcom. It’s a 10 episode series produced on a micro budget in Central Florida a couple of years ago. Even now, it is still being broadcast in a few places, here in the US and around the world. But, because those channels and times vary all the time, the best place to watch the series is on Christian Cinema.

If you really want a DVD of the first 6 episodes, shoot me an email. I have just a few left. I’ll let you know how you can order one.

New Broadcast Outlet!

firworksI am happy to announce that I just signed an agreement to broadcast and stream episodes of Peculiar on another Christian network. More info to come, but wanted to share the news.

I am so proud of the work we did on this show. We haven’t made an episode since 2013, but people can still see the show on stations across America and online. This new outlet will allow even more people to watch a broadcast and stream on demand.

We had no money, and just a crazy idea that we could do it. The product of that work is still impacting people.

We need more shows on Christian TV. People are hungry for the content.

Ever Wonder How We Were Able to Make the Show Happen?

Once in a while when I am talking to people about how we made Peculiar happen I start getting incredulous looks. It is hard to believe that a group of volunteers could create 10 episodes of an award winning Christian sitcom. The story is fairly long. The whys and the hows are fairly interesting.

Since I got the question so often, I actually wrote a short ebook about it all. You can get that at the Kindle store.

Sometimes I am amazed at it all. Mainly, the reason the show got done is because we kept at it until it was done. That’s really the root of everything else.

If you are thinking about trying to make your own show, then understand that it won’t be easy. It will cost more than you think. But you can do it.

Acceptance Speech

IMG_3253On Tuesday I will accept the 2014 NRB Media Award for Best Creative TV Programming. During the dinner I won’t be able to go up and give a speech thanking those involved.

So, I wrote one anyway and wanted to share it with you:

“It is an honor to stand before you. I want to thank my amazing wife and family, and all the volunteers in the cast and crew.

I am amazed at what a group volunteers with extremely limited resources were able to accomplish. We caught a vision for the project and wouldn’t be turned away.

As I look out at this crowd I can’t help but know that there is more creativity, more resources and ability than we had available. The creator of the universe has instilled in each of us the ability to create, to tell stories and spread the Gospel to people who won’t respond to more traditional methods.

We here tonight, in this room, can use the resources God has given us to impact the entire world. We have an obligation… An obligation not to simply do as we have always done, but to use our God given creativity to try new ways to reach people our traditional ways can’t.

That is the call that God has placed on my life, and I believe he has placed it on your life as well. I encourage you to answer that call, no matter the cost.”

To read how we made the show for so little money, check out my new eBook.

Actor Highlight: Michael Shippy

Michael Shippy – Jason jason 4

What should we know about you?
Let’s not mince words: I am a geek, through and through. I love Star Wars and am a Stormtrooper in the 501st Legion (TK-4802, reporting!). I have been very happily married for almost twelve years, and we have one daughter and a son who is schedule for arrival in June. Since moving to Florida I have officially been bitten by the Disney bug and would gladly spend 19 hours a day there if I could (I do need to get in my 5 hours of beauty sleep).

jasonjamie 1What do you do when you aren’t playing a part on Peculiar?
You will probably find me doing one of four things: (1) working as a CG artist, which is my “real job”; (2) spending time with my family doing whatever comes to mind that day; (3) doing something at First Baptist Church of Orlando, be it Life Groups, drama, volunteering in the media ministry, etc.; (4) playing an MMORPG once everyone else has gone to bed.

What’s your favorite scene on the show?
The confrontation with the Shirt Guys. I’m friends with all three of those actors, so being in that scene with them was a great time. It’s the stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor that really made the scene so memorable. I don’t think I laughed harder at any other point in the production!

jasonblake 2Aside from yours, who is your favorite character, and why?
Joe the Wizard. The mystery. The intimidation. The hat. Everything.

Why did you want to be a part of the show?
The premise of the show sounded great to me, and I am good friends with many of the cast and crew. Plus, I have never done any acting outside of stage productions, so I was curious to see how the process worked for the small screen.

Why should people watch?
There’s very little on television or the Internet these days that you can watch that fits the dual criteria of being entertaining and edifying. Peculiar is one of those rare gems.

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