Acceptance Speech

IMG_3253On Tuesday I will accept the 2014 NRB Media Award for Best Creative TV Programming. During the dinner I won’t be able to go up and give a speech thanking those involved.

So, I wrote one anyway and wanted to share it with you:

“It is an honor to stand before you. I want to thank my amazing wife and family, and all the volunteers in the cast and crew.

I am amazed at what a group volunteers with extremely limited resources were able to accomplish. We caught a vision for the project and wouldn’t be turned away.

As I look out at this crowd I can’t help but know that there is more creativity, more resources and ability than we had available. The creator of the universe has instilled in each of us the ability to create, to tell stories and spread the Gospel to people who won’t respond to more traditional methods.

We here tonight, in this room, can use the resources God has given us to impact the entire world. We have an obligation… An obligation not to simply do as we have always done, but to use our God given creativity to try new ways to reach people our traditional ways can’t.

That is the call that God has placed on my life, and I believe he has placed it on your life as well. I encourage you to answer that call, no matter the cost.”

To read how we made the show for so little money, check out my new eBook.


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